Antonella Manganelli Fine Art


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About Antonella Manganelli

Antonella Manganelli Antonella Moved to the US in 1999 from Italy, where she was born and raised in a family of art collectors, exposing her to the beauty of art from an early age.

Growing up in such a nurturing artistic environment, Antonella opened herself to the arts, embracing and experiencing it through different lenses -- as a student, collector, curator, art dealer, and artist.

Antonella lives in Reston, Virginia, where she paints and works from her home.
She has exhibited her art in Italy, Northern VA and North Carolina. Antonella draws her inspiration from her life that she lives fully, experiencing everything that is offered with gratitude and curiosity. she believes in the power of Nature as a great ancient healer; through meditation and connection she finds her balance painting her journey through life. Her art reflects the surreal vision of her world that she explores traveling extensively amongst Europe, North and Central America, Canada, and Asia.

Artist Statement:

I am free in my art, when I paint my heart is connected with the universe.
I listen and interpret stories suggested from my everyday experiences. I am inspired by objects found during my walks and travels: shells, wooden sticks, stones, they are the alchemical magic formula to transform my memories into a surreal journey.
I m painting stories emerging from my spiritual meditative space, I m listening to what life tells me, and I m painting freely.
My feelings change from painting to painting, and I create artwork different from each other, experimenting with different materials, techniques, and style. My paintings change, as my life does too.