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Become a Warrior of Peace

November 9th, 2016

Become a Warrior of Peace

I voted for Jill Stein. I do not regret to have done it.
In my opinion both candidates are a disgrace for America, I felt in my skin and soul their greed, their overwhelming thirst of power, the injustice and the offenses in their wordsÖ I felt the twist in their comments, the arrogance and the liesÖ and I was, and I am, profoundly disgusted by the media.
And so, I say NO! I donít play the game of less evil. I am ready to accept one of the two evils, because we donít have choice.
Hillary would not have been better of Trump, how you can forget who she is? I didnít drink the oblivious potion that make me forget about wars, death, drones, lies, hatred and corruptions. Same I can't forget Trump statements full of hatred, racism, nationalism, the white supremacy, the wall, the deportations and all the bullshit.
My conscience refuse to vote for any of the two, and in full honesty, Iím not afraid of Trump or Clinton. With our auctions, we build our reality. It is necessary to become warriors of peace, to stop blame the others, and to take actions in this world. Embrace empathy, take a stand for Human right, when you see injustice act donít be silent, help who is in need, and donít be afraid! Courage is contagious and with courage you will win the evils and build a new world!
Native Americans gave to us the most important lesson on Humanity and courage, with kindness love and forgiveness they conquered the hearts of many, their message is pure like the clear water they protect, I admire their courage and Iím ready to follow their example.