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The Impermanence Of Peace - Our Souls Are United. Solo Exhibition By Antonella Manganelli

February 18th, 2015

The Impermanence Of Peace - Our Souls Are United.    Solo Exhibition By Antonella Manganelli

The Impermanence of Peace - Our Souls are United

Our souls are united in the perpetual search of peace, a peace often abused in its profound meaning and betrayed in the name of war. We use the word PEACE in a politically correct statement, to clear our conscience and deliver war in the name a r sls ar united in the grief, loss, pain, tears. Our souls are again united in chasing peace, hope, faith, and love. A perpetual circle that never ends, century after century, we repeat ourselves, and our souls remain united.

I used the language of flowers to create a mirror image between peace and war, a parallel reality representing our human duality. The flowers deliver hope that never dies, remembrance, compassion that recognizes the value of our united souls.

I wish peace through flowers, plants, earth and water, our silent companions that generate life. Despite all the abuse we inflict on them, they persistently whisper a message of peace and life, in the...

Founders Day JoAnne Rose Gallery At Lake Anne

April 4th, 2014

Founders Day JoAnne Rose Gallery At Lake Anne

The League of Reston Artists presents a new exhibition in the heart of Reston, the historic Lake Anne Plaza. Coinciding with Reston 50th anniversary celebration, 60 artists from the league present a colorful and diverse exhibition, where style and multicultural influences melt in a unique visual experience. Opening reception is Sunday, April 13th from 2pm to 4pm

March 31-April 28, 2014
JoAnne Rose Gallery at Lake Anne
1609 Washington Plaza
Reston, VA 20190

Painting Mixed Media: Acrylic - Golden tread - Swarovski crystals by Antonella Manganelli


February 27th, 2013


Rising with the Autumn has been selected to the ECO ART Jury show curated by Olivier Giron at ArtSpace Falls Church.

Rising with Autumn is a mixed media, that incorporate elements from the nature and acrylic painting on canvas.
It recall a tribal ancestral dance in the rhythm of the heart of the nature. Earth elements are dancing in the fire, under the glow of the warm moonlight, symbolize the struggle for survival despite the uneasy challenge that nature undergoes every day. Yet an energetic, positive feeling also emerges from the dance: Nature possesses the secret to regenerate herself by subverting rules and devastating what is unnecessary, in order to be reborn.

Rising with Autumn and ECO ART SHOW:
Elements from the Earth REUSED,
Strong connection to RECALLING the urgency of Nature to REGENERATE herself.
Bringing AWARENESS to global warming and fires that every year devastate acres and acres of forests.
REMINDS us that Nature is...